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The following projects are executed:

  • Standardized Tracking of Remote Head and Gaze Movements for Automated Assessment and Dispense of Individualised Varifocals (STRADIVari)
  • Virtual Reality Simulation of Spectacles (VR-SPECTACLES)
  • Eye hand coordination in spatiotemporally modified vision (ComplexAdapt)
  • Automated Measurement of Distortion (DISTORTION)
  • Objective Comparison of Progressive Addition Lenses Field Widths (PALCompar)
  • Objective Measurement of Adaptation to Progressive Addition Lenses (PALAdapt)
  • Analysis of visual acuity of blind patients after implantation of an electronic sub retinal implant
  • Smart Ocular Motility Analysis (SOMA)
  • Gaze guidance for cross-modal compensation of sensory deficits (SensComp)
  • Attention guidance via acoustic and visual signaling (AcoustGuide)
  • Automated extraction and comparison of exploratory eye movements in highly dynamic, responsive environments (AutoScanpath)
  • Validation and optimization of binaural signal processing in real life situations (BinauralSignal)
  • Development and validation of representative, standardised night-driving and glare scenarios in a driving simulator (GlareSim)
  • Examination of suitability for use of instruction manuals